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Every fond moment in life is accompanied by a smile, whether sharing a special meal with friends or laughing happily with children and grandchildren. When something happens that significantly reduces your number of teeth, it’s normal to feel devastated. But don’t lose hope. Finding the right dentist in Gettysburg for implant full arch restoration, you can once again create moments to treasure forever.

How Implant Full Arch Restoration Can Give You Your Life Back

This technique – also known as hybrid implant dentures – restores a complete set of upper or lower teeth – or both – to your mouth. It uses a combination of dental implants and fixed dentures to give you a brilliant, complete smile.

Why Choose Implant Full Arch Restoration?

Full arch restoration operates similarly to dentures, but uses fixed structures rather than a removable apparatus. This offers significant benefits:

  • Stability: You teeth are firmly affixed and will not slip, move or fall out, ever.
  • Freedom: Because this process restores a full set of teeth, you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want.
  • Simplicity: There are no adhesives, powders or sanitizing procedures to worry about.
  • Comfort: Since you aren’t removing or inserting dentures, your mouth doesn’t develop sore or irritated areas.
  • Enjoyment: Participate in all conversations and laugh freely without apprehension. You can be yourself again.
  • Health: Dental implants and fixed dentures help prevent oral bone loss.

How the Full Arch Restoration Process Works

After requesting a consultation for full arch restoration with Dr. Rita Tempel, she will take several steps to ensure maximum comfort, smile quality and functionality for your new teeth.

  • 3-D scan to analyze oral bone structure
  • Treatment planning to understand your goals and expectations
  • Dental implant procedure to provide strong anchor points
  • Careful denture fitting
  • Follow-up consultation to monitor comfort and happiness

Choose the Restoration Method That Fits Your Goals

We feel it’s important to help you find a treatment option that makes you feel comfortable. For some people, partial dentures or fixed bridges are also excellent solutions. Dr. Rita A. Tempel is happy to answer any of your questions about implant full arch restoration in Gettysburg. Request an appointment at (717) 339-0033 to talk with our specialist today!

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