Tips to Preserve Porcelain Veneers

Looking for highly effective and long-lasting smile enhancement? A dentist can help you get the whiter, straighter, and fuller smile of your dreams using porcelain veneers. These cap-like shells adhere to the front of your teeth to build a bright and even smile according to your unique aesthetic goals.

Though durable, veneers are not completely indestructible. You will need to take care of your dental work as well as the rest of your mouth to experience the maximum benefits from these fixtures. Read on to find tips for maintaining your new porcelain veneers and getting the most out of this cosmetic dental treatment.

porcelain veneers aftercare tips

Aftercare Advice for Your Porcelain Veneers

Pay Attention to Your Bite

Dentists make porcelain veneers on a custom basis for their patients. This individualized attention to the fixtures ensures a comfortable and secure fit that will look both gorgeous and natural in the patient’s smile.

The dentist will also check your bite after attaching the veneers to the teeth. They want to make sure they will not interfere with your oral functions yet also have a firm hold in place over the teeth.

It may take some time to get used to the way veneers feel in your mouth. But if they seem misaligned or loose once you return home after your procedure, this is abnormal.

Tell your dentist if the veneers do not seem to fit properly as they could then have a high likelihood of dislodging or breaking. Not only will you need to see your dentist for repairs or replacements if you damage veneers. But your underlying teeth may also be at risk of dental damage when exposed.

Avoid Biting Abnormally Hard Items

Dentists build porcelain veneers to withstand the everyday wear and tear that your teeth endure. But under high pressure, veneers could sustain damage. So do not bite down on hard items if you do not have to.

For example, biting fingernails or chewing ice or the end of a pen could make your veneers break. Then you will need to attend an urgent dentist appointment to fix this damage before the issue worsens. Save time and money by avoiding harmful habits like these.

Continue Good Oral Hygiene

One of the appeals of smile enhancement with porcelain veneers is that they resist both staining and decay. Hence, you can experience aesthetic benefits that last for fifteen years or longer with proper care.

But veneers will garner plaque and other residues that could harm your underlying teeth. So you will need to continue brushing and flossing your teeth to get rid of these elements and keep your smile healthy.

If your teeth suffer damage, then your veneers cannot function as well as they should. Attend routine teeth cleanings and oral health exams too to maximize preventative care and get the most out of your dental fixtures. If you notice any issues or changes in your veneers, do not hesitate to let your dentist know. Early intervention can help you preserve your dental work.