Dental Bridge Gettysburg, PA

Do you have a gap in your smile but don’t know to replace it? A dental bridge can replace one or more missing teeth in a row. Typically, a dentist can replace a single missing tooth with a crown-capped implant. Dental bridges can use multiple dental prosthetics to restore the smile. Cosmetic and restorative dentist Dr. Rita Tempel provides dental bridge treatment at Gettysburg Smiles in Gettysburg, PA. 

Dental Bridge in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Dental Bridge in Gettysburg, PA

A dental bridge fills the gap left by a missing tooth or teeth. Dental crowns anchor the replacement tooth in between each side of the gap. The replacement tooth is made of porcelain, metal, zirconia, or a combination of these materials. A bridge can help improve the smile, preserve the face shape, and realign the bite. Additionally, the dental bridge can improve patients’ ability to speak and chew and prevent teeth from shifting. Bridges help create a fuller, more balanced smile for patients with missing teeth.

Implant-supported dental bridges offer a longer-lasting alternative. Dental implants support prosthetics at the root because they fuse with the jaw bone beneath the gums. Implants are long-lasting, high-quality restorations made of titanium metal. Once the dental implants become a part of the smile, they can easily secure dental restorations like bridges. Implant-secured bridges also make it easier for patients to bite and chew naturally. Because dental implants create a stable foundation for the bridge, patients can eat and speak without restrictions. Implant-supported dental bridges also support tooth and gum health. 

Our dental office works with a master ceramicist to create lasting dental bridges that look and feel natural. At your first visit, we prepare the tooth for the dental crowns and take dental impressions. Then, we place the temporary dental bridge. At the next visit, we place the new dental bridge. Additional visits may be needed to recheck the fit before we cement the bridge.

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