Gettysburg, PA Dentist Office Technology

At Gettysburg Smiles, we use dental technology to diagnose and treat patients. We can use cameras, 3-D printing, and digital imaging technology to find dental problems, plan treatment, and educate our patients. Technology offers patients a more comfortable in-office experience. We encourage our patients to explore the dental technology we offer in our Gettysburg, PA, office to learn more about the diagnostic process. 

dental technology in gettysburg, pennsylvania

Our Dental Technology in Gettysburg, PA

We provide these state-of-the-art dental technologies to patients at Gettysburg Smiles:

3-D Printing 

We use an in-office 3-D printer to create dental models. Once we take a detailed scan of the smile, we can view it in 3-D on our computer. The SprintRay printer creates a highly detailed upper and lower teeth resin model. Then, we clean and cure the model with UV light. The completed model helps us plan restorative and orthodontic treatments

Digital Smile Design

With digital smile design, we can create a mockup of a patient’s smile after their treatment. We also use digital smile design to educate patients about their treatment. First, we take photos of the patient’s smile and upload them into the software. Then, we use reference points to overlay pictures of the natural and retracted smile. Finally, the software creates a mockup of the patient’s straightened smile. 

Intraoral Scanning

Our dental team uses intraoral scanners to take images of the smile. These handheld scanners help us take close-up, detailed pictures, also known as direct optical impressions. As we scan the teeth and gums, the scanner creates an image of the mouth on a computer. We can view the upper and lower tooth arches and palates once we fully scan the mouth. Digital scans are a much faster and more comfortable alternative to traditional impressions.

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